Benchtop Tri-Flow System

    The Cooee Water Tri Flow freestanding benchtop cooler means no access to water mains is required.   It is the perfect solution when you need to have a unit that is fully portable and have limited space or just need something with a smaller capacity.   Great for conference rooms, events, reception areas and also suitable for home use.   These units will provide you with an endless supply of filtered fresh chilled drinking water.  Tap options for chilled and room temperature or hot and cold.   Units are available for purchase or rental.

    • No access to water mains is required
    • Compact design, freestanding & portable
    • Premium 3 stage filter cartridge for the removal of chlorine taste and odours, dirt, sediment
    • The replaceable filter cartridge will depend on water quality but as a general guide, each will last 4 to 6 months
    • Simple installation and operation
    • Options for chilled/ room temp or hot/cold water cooler taps
    • Also available as std cooler size
    • Cup holder optional
    • Full installation
    • Full warranty for the term of the rental
    • Cooee automated customer care plan for the term of the rental.  Includes filter changes, full clean and sanitisation, full equipment check on an automated schedule twice per year.


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