At Cooee Water our experienced service team ensures that our filtration equipment is giving you the best quality filtered drinking water free from contaminants.

    Not only do we service our own equipment, we can also ensure that your existing equipment is up to scratch, if you have an filtered water cooler or undersink system, we will make sure you are getting the best quality filtered drinking water.

    Our rental customers receive our automated customer care plan which ensures you get our premium service for the term of your rental and includes.

    * Full standard installation
    * Full warranty for the term of the rental
    * Filter changes, clean and sanitisation of units
    * Full equipment check
    * Automated schedule twice per year or as required


    To order more cups you can call us on 1300 026 633, contact us via the contact page or download the cup order form HERE return it online, or print, scan and return via email.

    Most of our clients are on a scheduled customer care plan where our service technician will come and complete a filter change and full clean and sanitse and a full equipment check.

    When our technician has completed your service he will update a service sticker that is located on your equipment.  We always leave a copy of our service document which would be signed off from a member of your staff.  Our database holds all this information so you can always give us a call.

    We sure can, if you can find as much info about the unit as you can and give us a call we can let you know how much it would be.  If you are not exactly sure what you have you can send us a photo or we could come and do a site inspection.

    Unless originally requested, No  –  but we can install a fluoride reduction filter cartridge on request

    Two things to check …

    1/. Most POU (Point of Use) water coolers have a safety trip switch, have you recently bumped or moved the unit ?  If so, lift the top part of the cooler off, inside you will see a small square with green and red.  You just need to slide it over to the green side and put the top of the unit back on.

    2/. It may be freezer over, turn off the unit at the power point and check again in an hours time.

    Check that the unit is plugged in at the wall and also at the connection at the back of the cooler.

    First check the drip tray ! (this is a common one we get) A drip tray is there to catch any overflow when someone is getting there water, so it will have to emptied from time to time as it does not have any drainage.    It is easily removed for you to regularly empty and rinse out.

    Otherwise call us on 1300 026 633

    How to control the levers and safety button on your Zip HydroTap.

    A unique safety lock eliminates the risk of accidental discharge of boiling water.

    Access to boiling water: Press both the red lever and the “safety” button at the same time for access to boiling water.

    To activate/deactivate the safety button: Hold the chilled lever and safety buttons together for 12-15 seconds until the safety button turns off. It is now disabled and you can have boiling water access by simply depressing the red lever.

    For boiling-only units: Scroll through the LCD screen to ‘Child-Saftey Lock’ and select ON or OFF using the Adjust arrows to the right of the screen. If your unit does not have a screen, tap the safety button on the tap 3 times in succession. When activated the safety button is illuminated.

    When the red light is flashing it is an indication that the unit is reaching the ideal temperature.

    When the blue light is flashing it is an indication that the unit is reaching the ideal temperature

    When the blue light is flashing it is an indication that the unit is reaching the ideal temperature