Countertop Water Filtration

Benchtop / Countertop Filter Range
The Cooee Water Countertop / Benchtop water filter system conveniently sits on the side of your sink or bench top. It simply attaches to your existing tap, by using the divertor value your tap water will then pass through the carbon block filter removing chlorine, taste, odours, chemicals and contaminants to provide you with an unlimited supply of clean healthy filtered drinking water.

Available in White or Silver finish and two different cartridge options.

PB1 Carbon Filter: 0.5micron carbon block filter for the removal of dirt, rust sediment, chlorine, tastes, odours, herbicides, pesticides. NSF 53 rated for the reduction of Lead, Heavy metals, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts.

Fluoride Carbon Filter: Aquametix Carbon Block Fluoride Filter (FCFL) – for the removal of dirt, rust, sediment, 85% Fluoride reduction, 99% lead reduction, heavy metals reduction – Copper, Mercury, Zinc, Aluminium, chlorine taste, odours.

Complete with all the fittings and easy to follow instructions required for a simply installation. These units are fully portable and perfect if you are renting.


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