Chilled Bubblers

The Cooee Water range of chilled and filtered water bubblers are a cost effective and energy efficient way to provide instant chilled water for public or high use areas. Being rust proof and impact resistant these heavy duty units are perfect for communal areas.

Connected to our premium grade filtration these units are an economical solution for factories, work sites and site sheds.

These units are available for purchase or rental.


  • Premium grade filter cartridges
  • Carbon and pre filter for the removal of chlorine, taste, odours, sediment, dirt, rust, scale
  • Filter cartridge options for Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cyst removal and fluoride reduction
  • Stainless steel and white painted finishes
  • Options for bubbler and/or carafe models available
  • Heavy duty and economical chilled water for factories, work sites and site sheds


  • Full installation
  • Full warranty for the term of the rental
  • Cooee automated customer care plan for the term of the rental includes filter changes, full clean and sanitisation, full equipment check on an automated schedule twice per year.

Rent the Best Drinking Fountains in Brisbane
If you have ever walked into an office or home after several hours in the Brisbane summer you will know the welcome relief a drinking fountain provides. Nothing is more welcomed and refreshing than an instantly chilled glass of water.

Cooee Water provides businesses and homes across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast greater regions with drinking fountains or otherwise knows and water bubblers. The Cooee Water range of chilled and filtered water bubblers are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to provide instant chilled water for areas such as workshops, factories, public or any high use areas.

Commercial Indoor Drinking Water Fountains
Our Indoor free-standing drinking fountains are reliable hydration solutions suitable for any application. Our units are Australian Made, high-quality, durable, and have a high-efficiency rate. We find our water fountains are the most popular for business with communal areas. These rental bubbler units are rustproof, heavy-duty and impact-resistant and are perfect for high demand areas such as

  • Clinics, Hospitals and Aged Care Centres
  • Offices
  • Schools and Day-care centres
  • Factories
  • Worksites
  • Site sheds

Connected to our premium grade filters these units are an economical solution for a range of industries. Our filters remove chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust and scale which means that even under the harshest of Australian conditions your patrons will receive great-tasting chilled water every time.

Plumbed in Water Fountains  VS Freestanding Water Fountains
Freestanding units are perfect for a diverse range of locations because they require minimal maintenance and are durable.

Did you know that our freestanding Bubblers Deliver Instant chilled filtered drinking water at a refreshing temperature – between 7°C and 12°C.

We believe that businesses should leverage a natural resource already available which is why we recommend a plumbed in drinking fountains for high capacity areas or workshops. Our units connect to your mains supply and provide an unlimited supply of chilled filtered water that is available on-demand to all your customers and staff. Our water fountains are available in a variety of options to suit both large- and small-scale installations.

 Bottled water vs Filtered water
Our customers see a significant savings when switching to filtered water. Consider bottled water costs at $14 compared to our TriFlow filter water costs of just $9 per week. Knowing these costs up front means businesses are able to factor in a fixed cost when budgeting- no hidden surprises.

Advantages of A Plumbed in Drinking Fountain

  1. Our fountains have built-in filters that filter out any harmful chemicals and unpleasant odours
  2. Our units have both a bubbler and a bottle-filler for convenience of filling
  3. These units are reliable and consistently deliver chilled fresh and pure tasting water
  4. Our units are cost-effective. When you switch from purchasing bottled water to a plumber in unit our customers typically see an average savings of up to 70%.
  5. With our rental plan, there are no hidden costs you know what you’re paying for upfront.

We have a wealth of experience to ensure we provide you with the most suitable product and more importantly a service you can rely on.

Choose a Cooee Water Drinking Fountain for Your Business
We are always conscious of providing our customers with competitive prices. We are a smaller Australian Owned and Operated business, so our rental clients benefit from fair prices and a service that is personal and professional

Cooee Water has a wide product range of water coolers, under bench filtration systems, chilled/boiler units and filers. We supply businesses across Brisbane with everything you need for an unlimited quality supply of filtered water for your workplace or home.


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