About us

Our story

After working for 18 years in the water filtration industry, Steve and Larnie felt as the industry was growing it was losing a key element ‘customer service’ and support on a local Aussie level.

Cooee Water Australia was founded in 2007 by these two experts to answer that need, since then the team has been consistently growing, and we currently employ our staff members across three states.

Meet some of our team

Cooee Water Australia offers the rental, purchase and/or service of office and home filtered water coolers. We install boiling and chilled under sink systems and bubblers across Australia, predominately the greater South East Queensland region.

We have always strived to promote ethical, sustainable business practices. Cooee Water, always ensures that the people in our business (clients, staff, community) are treated with kindness, consideration and respect at all times.




Our vision

Cooee Water’s vision and goal is genuinely to keep our customers happy. Work with integrity, we are proud to have a high retention of customers, and grateful for our long term partnerships, with customers, suppliers, employees and contractors.

Our difference is that we are a home-grown local business. Therefore it means NO call centres, NO automated voice messages, we prioritise personalisation, and your calls and queries are important to us.

As a proudly owned and operated Australian business, you will always receive a personal response.

Our values

Customer Service: We are only a phone call or email away. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions or concerns within 24 hours, so do not hesitate to give us a COOEE! We ask and action on your feedbacks, ensuring we are improving constantly.

Safety: At Cooee Water, we take your health and safety seriously. We only use NSF and/or ISO certified products for the best water filtration results. Our experienced and qualified service technicians, follows the industry standards, according to current legislations.

Sustainability: Every action matters, and we believe in leading by example. As an environmentally responsible business, Cooee Water is encouraging the use of bottle free units, paper cups, and reusable items. We also collect old units, and ensure they are disposed responsibly.

Integrity: We understand that every client has different needs, and we respect your priorities and budget. Our sales specialist will always offer options that have the best quality/price ratio.

Adaptability & Accessibility: A water audit allows us to find a solution that will perfectly suits your needs in term of water filtration, for your team. Cooee Water can adapt, and we will service business from any size and configuration (school, offices, gyms, hospitals, warehouse, small businesses etc). We provide a range of products that are accessible for people of different age and ability.

We love to talk water with you, and offer a free water audit without any obligation.

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