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When choosing an option to filter drinking water, there are many things to consider:

  • Needs: Do you only want to filter your cold tap water? Or are you interested in instant chilled, boiling hot or even sparkling options?
  • Volume: How many people would use the unit through the day (warehouse, gym, school) or at once (office during break times).
  • Space: How much space do you have under your sink, and around the kitchen? Does unit need to be connected to main utilities (water and electricity)
  • Convenience: Would you need to be able to move the water cooler for events or is it a more permanent solution?
  • Aesthetics: Our water coolers can come in different colours and our taps in different material
  • Safety: Do you need a touch-free unit, ideal in health care facilities and high traffic places.
  • Price: From $9 a week, we have solution for every budget. You get to decide between a rental agreement, that covers all maintenance, service and repairs or a purchase with service agreement.

And with all those answers, we have many products to recommend, but our goal is to find the product that fits you best!

Talk to our water expert today, and organise a free site inspection to receive a tailored quote.

Drinking Water Audit

In order to provide the best recommendation for you and your teams needs, we offer free drinking water audits.

We will come to your company, large or small, and assess the possible options with full knowledge of the site. After a thorough site inspection, and an extensive chat about your needs, we will provide you a tailored quote to suit your specific requirements, including new and existing systems from all brands (Zip, Civic, Billi, Waterlogic, Aquatech ect)

Cooee Water provides a range of filtered water coolers, stand alone or plumbed in. We can assist you for boiling, chilled, sparkling water, and ice-machine dispensers.

cooee water director Larnie helping a client to chose their water cooler for their office

Service & Maintenance

Cooee Water will service:

  • Your existing filtration equipment (all brands)
  • Purchased equipment
  • Rented equipment and systems

At Cooee Water, our qualified service team ensures you get the best quality filtered drinking water free from contaminants. We recommend and service boiling and chilled units from ZIP, Billi, Wiffen and water coolers from WaterWorks. Additionally, we are also experienced with products from other brands.

We offer an automated customer care plan for our rental customers however it is available to all our customers, this ensures that you get our premium service without having to try and remember to call and it includes:

  • Full standard installation on rentals
  • Full warranty for the term of the rental
  • Filter changes, clean and sanitisation of units
  • Full equipment check
  • Reset, flush and/or change filters
  • Water taste
  • Automated schedule twice per year or as required
  • Extended warranty offer if required

Replacement & Repairs

If you are an existing client, simply scan the QR code on your unit and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

How to Use our QR Code System

A QR code label is placed on every water system Cooee Water looks after and services and is unique to each unit. This fantastic system allows us to service your company faster when problems arise, with accurate and open communication between both parties.

Instructions on How to Submit an Issue from your QR Code

  • Open the Camera in your iPhone (please note, QR code is only compatible with iPhone)
  • Hover phone over the QR code label like you are going to take a photo and touch the pop up that appears at the top of the screen to open the info box
  • Select ‘Report Issue’
  • In ‘Issue Description’ please write the details of your issue, including your name and contact number so we can best contact the right person who is logging the issue
  • Attach any relevant photos or videos if required
  • Select ‘Submit Issue’

This will then log a job with us and we will receive a notification that you require service/attention, detailing the specific system. Expect a call from us to see if we are able to troubleshoot the issue over the phone. Failing that, we will organise a service technician to attend as soon as possible to rectify!

For new clients or if you have any issue with the QR code, call us now 1300 026 633

Installation, Purchase & Hire

If  you need more information to purchase or hire a water filter unit or for any other queries, talk to our knowledgeable team today.

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