Free Standing Water Cooler

Brisbane’s First Choice for Stand-Alone Water Coolers
Our water coolers are available in both freestanding and benchtop options. These units are designed to suit every workplace and will add a professional ambience to your business reception.

Gone are the days of conventional, industrial oversized water coolers. Our high-quality units provide easily accessible filtered drinking water and their stylish designs will complement any communal area.

Free Standing Water Coolers
Customers often choose the Cooee Water, Tri-Flow freestanding dispenser because it does not require mains access. These units are easy to operate and fully portable.

These units are popular because they easily installed and require no plumbing. The high-quality filters eliminate containments to consistently deliver fresh chilled drinking water.

Suitable for small or large commercial areas and home use.

Bench Top Water Coolers
The Cooee Water Tri-Flow benchtop water cooler provides the ultimate in hydration convenience. These units require no connection to water mains which makes them portable, versatile and provides immediate hydration solutions for both businesses and homes.

Freestanding units are perfect for

  • conference rooms
  • events
  • reception areas and
  • work sites

These units are popular choices for commercial sites as they are

  • cost-effective
  • compact
  • efficient and
  • provide an endless supply of filtered, fresh, chilled drinking water.

Tap options are available for chilled or room temperature or hot and cold dispensers. These stand-alone and benchtop units are available for purchase or rental to suit your daily consumption needs.

We have years of experience and would be happy to chat through the various options with you.

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Free Standing Benchtop Water Cooler

Perfect for high traffic settings

Free Standing Water Cooler

Perfect for high traffic settings
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