Water Coolers Mains Connected

Mains connected POU Water Cooler Model: POUD10/POUD19

Chilled, boiling, ambient filtered water

Benchtop mains connected POU Water Cooler Model: POUSD19/POUSD5C

Our Benchtop option is ideal for places with limited space

Mains connected POU Water Cooler Model: POUD25W/POUD25W

Lastest design, chilled, boiling, ambient filtered water

Mains conntected POU Water Coolers

Stay hydrated with Cooee Waters high performance, contemporary plumbed in water coolers. Our Coolers are designed to meet the high demands of the workplace environment. Cooee Waters plumbed-in water coolers are versatile units and perfect for offices, aged care facilities, worksites, schools and gyms.

Advantages of a Mains Connected Water Cooler
We believe that businesses should leverage a natural resource already available which is why we recommend a plumbed in water cooler for high capacity areas. Water coolers that are connected to your mains offer the ultimate in convenience.

If you’re looking for a high-performance endless supply of chilled filtered water for your workplace you cannot look past the efficiency of a plumbed-in unit.

Manufactured from high-quality components our range of premium plumbed-in water coolers are designed to run efficiently and require minimal maintenance.

Many of our commercial rental customers are seeing the daily benefits when switching to a plumbed in water dispenser.

  • These units are practical they connect to your existing water supply and use an already available resource
  • They are environmentally sustainable water solutions that reduce single-use plastic waste.

Bench Top Plumbed in Water Coolers
The Cooee Water benchtop water cooler connects directly to your mains supply. These drain free units provide a cost-effective means of supplying unlimited filtered drinking water for your staff and clients all year round. Bench Top units have a compact low profile which makes them the perfect solution for small spaces.

Free Standing Plumbed in Water Coolers
Our Plumbed in Water Cooler range of water coolers have built-in high-quality twin filtration systems designed to filter out any harmful chemicals or unpleasant odours. Connected directly to your existing mains water supply these units will provide an easily accessible and on-demand supply of filtered drinking water for staff and clients.

Chilled / Ambient / Hot water options are also available in a range of contemporary designed coolers, suitable for a range of large- and small-scale commercial applications.

Brisbane’s No1 Choice for Plumbed-In Water Coolers
We can provide you with the most suitable product and more importantly a service you can rely on.

To find out more about Water Coolers Plumbed In Call us today

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