Water Coolers

Stay Cool This Summer With a Cooee Water Cooler & Save Up To 70% On Bottled Water!

Cooee Water offers a wide range of free-standing filtered water dispensers and plumbed-in water coolers for all your home and business hydration needs.

We provide obligation-free quotes and offer site inspections to better understand your usage needs. We will conduct a full water audit before recommending a filtered drinking water system, so you are receiving the full benefit and value from your purchase or rental.

Water Coolers Plumbed In

Perfect for office settings

Free Standing Water Cooler

Ideal for places with limited space

Chilled Bubblers

Perfect for high traffic settings

Countertop Water Filtration

Perfect if you are renting.

A Water Dispenser For Any Type of business!

Cooee Water offers a complete range of under bench water filtration systems, water coolers and chilled/boiler Zip & Billi units, free-standing drinking dispensers, benchtop dispensers, accessories and replacement filters for water coolers.  Our water coolers are manufactured from high-quality components and designed to run efficiently with low maintenance, providing you with on-demand fresh drinking water for your office.

We have an extensive range of recognized and trusted cooler and filtration brands but if you’re not sure what product will best serve your needs, contact us directly we would be happy to chat through some of the options with you.

Water Dispenser Rental
When you compare traditional single use bottled water costs vs water coolers and filtered water dispensers we see many of our customers save on average 40-70% on water costs.

Did you know if you use just one bottle of water per week you’re already saving money by switching to Cooee Water.

We supply the best tasting filtered drinking water in stylish modern dispensing units which is why our customers consistently recommend Cooee Water.

Our rental customers receive a personalized premium care plan for the duration of the rental which includes.

  • Professional installation
  • Full warranty for the term of the rental
  • Filter changes, clean and sanitisation of units
  • Full equipment checks
  • Automated schedule twice per year or as required
  • Fixed costs so you know what your paying every month

What Are the Advantages of Using A Water Cooler in Your Home?
Many Australian families are already enjoying the benefits of our drinking water dispensers in their homes.

Here are a few reasons why

  • A water cooler provides an unlimited and on demand supply of chilled, filtered water particularly if you have small children in the house the water is easily accessible for all family members
  • Our water is purified, safe, free from soil, rust, sediment and chlorine. We make sure you are getting the best quality filtered drinking water to help keep your family healthy.
  • Convenient and space-saving, we have a range of options including under-sink systems, so you do not have to store water bottles.

What Are the Advantages of Using A Water Cooler for Your Business?
Many of our commercial rental customers are seeing the daily benefits of our drinking water dispensers and here are a few reasons why

  • We pride ourselves on providing an environmentally sustainable water solution that reduces waste. A business environment typically sees a higher volume of consumption so by reducing the number of unnecessary plastic bottles going into landfill we are actively implementing sustainable practices that benefit both you and your environment. That’s great news for any business.
  • We do not outsource the maintenance and follow up visits for your system. We service our own equipment and ensure your current system if functioning optimally.
  • Our water filtration systems are practical. They connect to your existing water supply and use an already available resource allowing you access to unlimited chilled and purified water.

Did you know – Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth and a country where water security has been significantly influenced by climate change. Cooee Water is committed to providing you with a cost-effective water dispensing solution that decreases plastic wastage and CO2 emissions. Collectively we can contribute to preserving this precious resource.

Call us today we look forward to helping you.

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