Water Cooler Rental Brisbane

Do you still buy bottled water?

Costs less than $2 per day to rent a ‘Cooee Water’ water cooler?

Owning a water cooler is one option, and will save you a fortune compared to bottled water but don’t forget to get it serviced, cleaned, sanitised or the filters changed.

Renting starts as little as $1.28 per day to rent your water cooler from Cooee Water it has many advantages, and so inexpensive, you don’t have to think about anything it all happens automatically clean, sanitised and filter changed every six months all prescheduled. Better still if it breaks down just ring and we will fix or replace it within 48-72 hours. 100% tax deductible for your business and most importantly happy healthy hydrated staff equals productivity!

Water coolers Sunshine Coast

Why Rent A Water Cooler?

Our water dispensers are suitable for residential and commercial applications across a range of different industries. These include both small- and large-scale consumption requirements such as homes, offices, medical facilities, factories, worksites, gymnasiums, schools and aged care facilities.

One of the main advantages of hiring a water cooler is that there is no capital outlay; you simply call us, and we will arrange a hiring plan to suit your consumption needs and budget. The best part about renting one of our water coolers is that it reduces the demand on single-use plastics making a Cooee Water Cooler not only a beneficial solution but a mindful choice to help stop plastic from becoming landfill in Australia.

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Convenient Business Rental Plans

We provide obligation-free quotes and offer site inspections to understand your usage needs better. We will conduct a full water audit before recommending a filtered drinking water system, so you are receiving the maximum benefit and value from your rental. Our rental plans are simple ensuring you have a year-round supply of the purest drinking water and can’t run out, no deliveries required.

Our rental customers receive a personalised premium care plan for the duration of the rental, which includes.

Professional installation

We’re here to provide a complete service from helping you choose the most suitable product, to installing your water filtration system. We backup our quality coolers Water Mark Approved with a rental care plan making our water coolers one of the most comprehensive rental services in Brisbane

Full warranty for the term of your rental

Our filtration and purification systems are backed by comprehensive parts and labour warranty and to give you extra peace of mind we provide a full warranty for the duration of your rental agreement.

Fixed Monthly Charges

Cooee Water has one fixed price for the duration of your hire agreement. This means you can enjoy daily filtered water without worrying about any pay-per-use charges. A fixed monthly rental plan means you can rely on a set budget per month and provide everyone in your office or home with cold refreshing water on demand.

Full Service and Maintenance

Once Cooee Water has installed your cooler, we schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure your cooler remains hygienic and functions at its best. As a part of our maintenance care package, we include filter changes, cleaning and sanitisation plus we manage replacement of any components to make sure your hire cooler delivers even on the hottest of Brisbane days.

We do not outsource the maintenance and follow up visits for your system. We service our own equipment, so our clients do not wait to have anything fixed or experience any interruptions. With hot and cold rental options, your employees and family will always have access to pure drinking water all day every day.

Renting vs Buying A Water Cooler

Cooee Water coolers and water dispensers are a cost-effective way to provide your patrons, staff and family with fresh cool, filtered drinking water all year round. There can be hidden fees included for transportation and handling of replacement bottles or servicing fees that you may not have considered as part of supplying the water to your patrons. When you rent a watercooler with Cooee Water, you have a fixed monthly fee, so there are no hidden surprises, no delivery charges, no handling charges, no surcharges and no exchange fees.

When you compare traditional single use bottled water costs vs water coolers and filtered water dispensers we see many of our customers save on average 40-70% on water costs. You may be thinking you don’t drink enough water, but if you use just one bottle of water per week, you would already be saving money by switching to Cooee Water hire plan. Did you know your water rental cooler is tax-deductible – now that’s another reason to hire a water cooler!

Brisbane Water Cooler Rental

Our difference is that we are a home-grown local business, meaning NO call centres. NO automated voice messages. We prioritise personalisation. Your calls and queries are important to us. As a proudly owned and operated Australian business, you will always receive a personal response whether you are buying or renting a water cooler from us. Your business is not treated as a once-off transaction. We value your patronage and look forward to getting to know you from one local business to another.

Hire Your Water Cooler from Cooee Water

  • We have an extensive range of recognised and trusted cooler and filtration brands
  • We supply the best tasting filtered drinking water in stylish modern dispensing units
  • We offer value for money because we believe everyone should benefit from insanely great tasting water and always at a great price. Some of our customers have already saved up to 70% on water costs in their first month.
  • Simple payment options mean we don’t complicate the process, we provide one fixed price with no hidden costs and options for payment that suit you.
  • The Healthy Choice in the wake of modern health challenges we are facing today, there is a growing awareness to make better lifestyle choices, and water is gaining momentum for its numerous proven health benefits. Our filtered water is free of chlorine, rust and sediment so call us today – there really isn’t a reason why you should wait to hire a water cooler from us.

We have been helping Australian families and businesses experience the benefits of filtered water for more than 18 years. So, if you’re not sure to rent or to buy, contact us directly, we would be happy to chat through some of the options with you.

Call Us today. We look forward to helping you.

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